Should I use renters insurance if I use Airbnb and other home sharing services?

We think, absolutely. It can also cover you on both sides of the short-term rental process, as renters insurance covers you as a traveler, but may also cover you as a host. Some lease agreements do not permit  temporarily lease arrangements, while others due. Renters need to be aware of any local laws. Allowing a guest to stay in your apartment when it’s not allowed on your lease, or it’s prohibited in your city is grounds for potential denial of a claim.  Most renters insurance policies define occasional hosting as accommodating temporary guests 90 or fewer days per year. Hosting temporary guests more than 90 days per year generally qualifies as commercial activity, which is excluded from standard renters insurance policies, but varies per city and state. Endorsements may be added to an existing Renters Insurance policy to better protect renters during the process of home sharing.