Does renters insurance cover things like floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, bed bugs, dog bits, moving costs, appliances, water damage, leaks and personal property?

Renters insurance does not typically cover bed bugs, but does cover dog bites. Most renters insurance policies do not cover flood and earthquake, but does cover renters for personal property and will cover the cost of housing and meals in the event the rental unit becomes unlivable. Renters insurance does not cover the dwelling itself, therefore leaks and water damage are only covered from a property damage perspective and not for the cost to repair the issue. As for appliances, renters insurance protects things like fire, theft, and vandalism, but not from routine maintenance and repair. You may also be able to file a claim for appliance damage due to a short-circuit delivers excess power to an appliance,  causing damage. Household appliances can also be a source of destruction, such as water damage, which is one good reason more and more property owners and managers are requiring renters to have renters insurance.