Information about RENTERS.COM


We SAVE renters and homeowners money. We never charge renters to book stays or secure long-term rentals, and homeowners are only charged 6% upon a successful rental, with no upfront fees. 


* We provide a very easy and SIMPLE way for owners and         managers to list and rent properties.

* We have no fees to add or view listings.

* We have no long term commitments.

* We charge homeowners a 6% fee on completed booking or long-term rentals. 

* Renters are always free.

* We help you protect your rental transaction with our integration with Paypal for the safest and most secure payments.

* We are building patent pending rental technology that we will be implementing as we grow.

Rather than upfront listing fees of $50-80 a month with no guarantee of rental successful or 15-18% booking fees, split between renters and owners, renters keeps it free for renters and less expensive for homeowners and property managers. is just getting started. We are a Portland, Oregon start-up. You might notice less listings than you would like as we grow.  

So whether you have vacation rentals, long-term rentals or rent to own properties, we thank you for using  

Best Regards,

Jim Leissler and Kenny Bavoso