Rounding Up is based outside of Portland, Oregon. We mention this because it is hard not to notice the growing problem of homelessness. This epidemic is not just a local issue, but one facing many cities across America. 

To help these individuals, families and veteran’s less fortunate to find employment,  housing, and mental health, we are partnering with non-profit organizations aligned with our vision. To do this, when purchasing renters insurance,  we give our members an option to round up to the nearest dollar. We will match that donation each month to give back and raise money to help end homelessness.


Search our renters policy options to find the plan that best fits your needs. We are excited to offer our insurance packages, which giveback to something we feel so passionate about. Homelessness is no easy problem to solve, but with a lot of small gestures, we truly believe we can make a big impact.

State of Homelessness in the United States 2016 report.

206,286 people
110,000 people
141,177 people
358,422 people
47,725 people
Over 50
282,354 people