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The People Behind Renting

Peer to peer real-estate rental marketplace

You need to sign up before you can view the content. is just getting started, so you might notice less listings than you would like, as we build our Renters Community. Conversely, if you have a Vacation Rental, Long-Term Rental, Event Space, Corporate Rental, Last Minute Deal, or Moving/Cleaning Service you would like to offer to our Renters, it is a great opportunity to reach others and not be buried in the crowd. A new renter is joining us every 15 minutes. 


Our Business - we charge 6% + PayPal Fee for every rental transaction, paid by the Listing Owner. Our service is free for Renters. 

We are also, soon to offer, through our partners, comprehensive insurance for both renters and owners. Did you know, when renting your home, on a short-term basis, your standard home owners policy does not typically protect you and your home from damage and liability. We can help you. Call us at tel:1-800-977-8794 or send us an email